Ocean City Police Department Have Good Taser Procedures

The Ocean City police department seems to have a very good system in place for how and when an officer should use his Taser.  They give multiple warnings and are instructed to never use in a punative way.

Ocean City, MD BoardwalkImage by Lee Cannon via Flickr

Months after adding Electronic Control Devices, or Tasers, to its crime-fighting arsenal, the Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) has used the device a handful of times this year, including an incident late Tuesday night.

Last October, the Ocean City Mayor and Council approved a pilot program for the acquisition and use of Tasers by the police department and a limited number of OCPD officers started carrying them in February. In the months since, OCPD officers have resorted to the use of a Taser on several occasions and the new tool in the toolbox has achieved the desired results….More at OCPD: Tasers Have Been Used When All Else Fails For Officers – The Dispatch

Unfortunately, it only takes a few bad cops who misuse the Taser to give the Taser and cops who use them a bad name.


  1. I may have to agree that there has to be a few overzealous officers out there, it is just a numbers game, the more badges on the street the higher percentage off bad apples. Fact remains if you are not on the wrong side, your chances of encountering one is pretty low. Honestly, the public being able to buy a tazer online has got to be the greatest leap forward in personal defense in decades, with that said I believe every officer should have the option to use less than lethal force!

  2. every hard working person should have a taser to protect themselves

  3. Taser C2 says:

    Taser C2 is as effective as the police version at stopping an attacker.

  4. TASER X26C says:

    Knee jerk reactionaries that choose to lash out at the tool/weapon rather than the people that use them wrongly are getting old. Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more of them along with more instant coverage of their actions.

    How about clamping down on the people that, after multiple confrontations, upbraidings, and chances given to leave the bad life behind, still choose to repeatedly break the law and then attack the officers who are enforcing the law? Sounds crazy/logical, eh?

  5. we should all have a taser or stun gun for self defense

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